Snapper and Pearl Perch

Give us a break

Switch Your Fish and challenge yourself to try out a new range of fish that are fun to catch and great to eat and give Snapper and Pearl Perch a break for a while.

Snapper and Pearl Perch and both much-loved fish species that occur in the waters off Queensland’s coast.

Many people who love to fish and who have been fishing for a long time have noticed a decline in numbers of both Snapper and Pearl Perch. Data reported by Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF) also shows a decline in stocks of both Snapper and Pearl Perch.

A variety of factors influence fisheries stocks including habitat reduction and degradation, and changes in climate and seasonal weather conditions. Regulations and fisheries closures limit how many and what fish can be caught by commercial, charter and recreational fishers. What fish and how many fish fishers voluntarily choose to catch also affects stocks.

In its Sustainable Fisheries Strategy, the Queensland Government outlines its plan to help improve fisheries stocks including for Snapper and Pearl Perch. A multi-pronged approach is necessary to address the many factors that affect fish stocks. Reducing recreational fishing pressure is one way to rebuild Snapper and Pearl Perch stocks.

The Switch Your Fish campaign is a way to harness recreational fishers’ love of fishing by promoting a suite of other fish that are fun to catch and great to eat. In so doing we are hoping to divert some fishing pressure away from Snapper and Pearl Perch to give them a break. Switching your fish is a great way to keep fishing and take positive action to support the fisheries you love.

We think the species we are promoting as part of the Switch Your Fish campaign being run off Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – Mahi Mahi, Amberjack and Cobia – may even be better than Snapper and Pearl Perch! It’s a big call, but we want to challenge recreational fishers to switch their fish and give these other fish a go.

Switch Your Fish has been developed with recreational fishers and is for recreational fishers.

Pledge to #SwitchYourFish

Take on the challenge in 2021 to catch one of our target fish this year off the Sunshine Coast.