Amberjack (AJ)

Put me to the test and I’ll bring out your best.

Amberjack will put your skills to the test and promise to give you a new experience if you seek them out. When you hook one, you’ll find they put up a good fight – they will definitely challenge you. What’s more they are often overlooked as a great eating fish, but they are in fact a wonderful sashimi fish!

Catch Amberjack!

Join Ben Glass and the SCF crew for some tips on catching Amberjack off the Sunshine Coast.


Why do you love fishing for Amberjack?

They fight extremely hard and will put anglers of all skill levels to the test! Bigger models over 30kg often take a ‘team’ effort to land!

Where and when do you go to catch Amberjack off the Sunshine Coast?

Barwon Banks and Caloundra wide. They normally hold fish all year round. Good numbers can also be found around Double Island.

What gear, bait and techniques do you use to catch Amberjack?

We use electronics/sounders to find bait and schools of fish. High quality rod/reel jigging setups. 100-150g jigs retrieved erratically from the bottom through the schools.

Why would you recommend fishers give Amberjack a go?

Amberjack are pound for pound one of the best fighting fish in the ocean! They release very well and are a great sport fish.

Amberjack (Seriola dumerili)

Also called common Amberjack, Greater Amberjack and Kingfish.


  • Bluish-grey or olive on back: often amber stripe from eye along middle of body.
  • Sides and belly silvery white, sometimes brownish or with a pinkish tinge.
  • Usually darker bar through eye to dorsal fin origin.
  • Caudal (tail) fin dark or dusky extreme tip of lower caudal fin lobe sometimes light or white.
  • Teeth appear white; lumps surrounding broad bands of teeth in both jaws not engorged with blood.
  • Frequently mis-idientified as high-fin Amberjack and Samsonfish.


Common length: 100cm
Maximum length: 188cm


Along the length of the Queensland coast and out to the Great Barrier Reef. Reefs, deep offshore holes or drop-offs. Bottom dwelling and pelagic.

Size limits

Minimum size: 50cm

Possession limits

Combined limit for Amberjack and Samsonfish of 2.
Combined limit for all members of the Carangidae family including (but not limited to) Trevallies, Queenfishes, Scads, Darts and Kingfishes of 20.

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