Enjoy a fresh take on Amberjack with Ben Glass from Raw and Rice on the Sunshine Coast sharing how to prepare a seared sashimi-style Amberjack Poke Bowl.


  • Fresh Amberjack
  • Ponzu (a citrus-based soy sauce), or replace with your favourite light soy sauce
  • Rice
  • Your choice of fresh ingredients. Ben chose cucumber, avocado, pickled ginger, chilli, spring onion, red cabbage, edamame beans, wakame (pickled seaweed salad) and some herbs.
  • Roasted sesame mayonnaise – make your own or buy it from Coles or Woolies

Plus, you will need a blowtorch!


Step 1: Fillet your Amberjack and remove the skin and the lateral line. Select the top line to use for this recipe and dice it.

Step 2: Place the diced Amberjack into a bowl and add some Ponzu.

Step 3: Use your blowtorch to sear the outside of the diced Amberjack. Using the blow torch should allow you to brown the outside edges of all the fish pieces at a high temperature. Searing the Amberjack gives it a smokiness and a bit more texture, but it should keep the Amberjack raw in the centre.

Step 4: Place a serve of rice in a serving bowl and add the seared Amberjack along with all the caramelised juices.

Step 5: Add your fresh ingredients around the bowl, some extra Ponzu to taste then some roasted sesame mayonnaise.

Cooking with Amberjack Q&A: Ben Glass

Why do you love Amberjack?

You get a really good yield off a single fish. It also makes great sashimi.

What does Amberjack taste like?

Mild tasting white flesh. Very versatile – it can be cooked, seared or eaten raw.

Why should people try Amberjack?

Why not?

What are your tips and tricks to prepare Amberjack?

Bleed and chill immediately. How you dispatch and maintain the fish prior to cooking is highly important.